Soooooo over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend AIGA Iowa’s “[WO]MAN UP! A Creative Conference for Women” in Des Moines. Woke up at 5:00 am, drove 6 hours total, paid $150, ~no ragrets~! The first half of our day consisted of a monogram workshop, social justice panel, and a UX workshop. Between two of the workshops, we spotted Jessica in one of the seating areas. After fangirling and freaking out for approximately 10 minutes, we finally built up the courage to go talk to her! She was so sweet and open to talking to us, and even gave us some advice for student designers. I snagged her autograph and everything! Being able to meet someone who I admire so much is still so unbelievable.

Jessica discussed the importance of play and personal projects in design. She showed some of her more recent work at Sagmeister & Walsh, along with some of the process it took to create.

Also I may or may not be framing this page from my journal! Is this getting creepy?