My videos for Narrative this semester have revolved around the idea of the subconscious affecting our behavior. My two main ideas for my final video are below. Top 2: A comparison between the left/right sides of the brain and the use of type/image to correspond. Bottom 2: A screen recording of myself making connections between words, while various clips move in the background to see if any of my connections can be related to them.


The final ended up going with the idea on the right. Here are some stills from the completed video. Before this project I would not have EVER tried making videos or even opening the Premiere program. Definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone.



Lexicon: the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

The topic I was exploring for my lexicon was how the subconscious mind affects behavior. For the final format, I chose two seemingly-distant terms, one from the subconscious and one from behavior, and compared how these words were related.

Neuroscience: the scientific study of the nervous system.
Urbanization: the population shift from rural to urban areas, and the ways in which each society adapts to the change.

I was able to make a lot of connections (…pun intended) between the ways neurons are connected and send messages with the ways humans are connected through their communities and living environments.

Also sorry these pics are trash I actually live in a dark cave.



Ideal Creative Day

I swapped “ideal creative days” with Sydney. Here’s a quick breakdown of her day:

7 am — wake/stretch/yoga
8 am — breakfast/social media time
10 am — review emails/planner/walk dog
11 am — start working/editing
12 pm — parkville coffee/creating/lunch
4 pm — update planner/go home
5 pm — netflix/relax/chores
7pm — dinner/review today’s work

Overall Sydney and I have similar ideal days. I couldn’t execute her day minute-by-minute, but I tried getting the basic schedule down. Usually I try to make it to my 5:30 am work out class, so her slower mornings was a nice change. I love getting things done early in the morning, but I also greatly love sleep. Like Sydney, I also start my day by checking my emails and focusing on what needs to be accomplished. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to create at home, so visiting a coffee shop forces me to focus with minor distractions. I always benefit from a change of scenery for a creative/inspiration boost. I wonder if I actually executed my ideal day if it would be as great as I imagine. Throughout this experience it made me realize that my time management sucks! I have so much time in the day… where does it all go and why do I never get anything done? It would be interesting for me to write down what I do every minute of the day to try to increase productivity.

Research: Forms (2)

This online quiz was created to inform the reader about what their subconscious is trying to tell them. Not sure if a website is the appropriate form, but gets me thinking more about interactive digital forms. Researching more into data collection and decision making.


Narrative: Solar Eclipse (2)

My solar eclipse narrative evolved into a stop-motion video. After reflecting on my eclipse experience, the most memorable part was realizing how many people it affected. For a mere 43 seconds, our differences were put aside as we all came together to witness this historical event. I wanted this feeling to be portrayed in my video, and I think it was a success.

Left: Animation frames & layout, planning
Right: Eclipse wall