Type 3: Speech (1)

Transcribe a speech of your choice.
Take note of pacing, delivery, etc.
Be able to describe things you notice.
Bring to class Friday, September 1.

Before choosing which speech I’d like to analyze, I did some research on different speaker personality types. (gingerpublicspeaking.com/)

1. Hero of Information
2. Hero of Laughter
3. Hero of Power
4. Hero of Transformation
5. Hero of Creativity
6. Hero of Care

After reading through and studying these speaker types, it inspired me to take my “speech of choice” in a different direction. I found a great speaker named Jack Ma, currently the richest person in Asia. His speech is in Mandarin with English subtitles. Listening to a speech in an unknown language forces me to focus on his word emphasis and content delivery, rather than his message.

Later post to discuss my thoughts on the speech.




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