Type 3: Speech (2)

I transcribed part of the speech I’d like to analyze (up to 7:44), and have listened/watched it several times. Here are some of the things I noticed.

  • At the beginning, Jack Ma starts his talk by having a friendly conversation-like monologue with the audience. He continues this tone throughout most of the speech.
  • Jack maintained eye contact with the audience members throughout the whole duration. I think this made him look very confident in his speaking.
  • Hand gestures were used through most of the speech, but did not distract the audience.
  • I could tell when Jack used certain words in the subtitles as he emphasized them with more force than other words. Numbers were commonly emphasized as he used a lot of statistical data to back up ideas. Some words, such as “dreams”, “ideals”, and “fantasies”, were emphasized by repetition.
  • Telling shocking or humorous stories kept the audience engaged and interested.
  • Although his speech was overall about entrepreneurship, many aspects of the motivational messages were applicable to everyone.
  • His tone and volume did not dramatically change. Most of the speech sounded somewhere between “casual conversation” and “business meeting-esque.”
  • When referring to conversations, he changed his voice for other characters.
  • Paced back and forth while on stage.
  • Limited facial expressions. Included the occasional smile, smirk, or sarcastic look.

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