User Experience: Service Design (1)

Hello internet!!!! Quick recap of the last couple weeks.

My UX group is designing an app that aids U.S. immigrants studying for the American citizenship test.

Background info:
The US citizenship test is comprised of two parts – what we are labelling “civics” and “english comprehension.” The first part of the exam (civics) involves a prompter verbally asking questions related to US government or history (ex: How many members are there in the Senate?) and the answer must be spoken back in English. During the second part of the exam (English comprehension), the test taker is given a short story, usually no longer than one page, and is required to read and answer questions on the material. This section is at a basic, elementary level of reading and understanding.
*Basic eligibility – must be over the age of 18. If you are under 18 and your parents become US citizens, you are automatically granted citizenship. Must have lived in the US for 5+ years.

User Persona #1:
Gabriel – 19 years old
student at Arizona State University – business management
language: Spanish and English
lived in US for 15 years
needs to review civics material quickly and on the go

User Persona #2:
Lucy – 35 years old
stay at home mom
language: Mandarin and English
lived in US for 6 years
needs to learn English writing skills, review some civics

User Persona #3:
Carlos – 68 years old
day factory line worker
language: Spanish
lived in US for 16 years
not familiar with technology
needs to learn civics and reading/writing in English


User map:

Research visualization:

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