MMX: Automation

This week I’ve been researching automation for our first project in Multi-Media Experience.

automation research.002

First, I defined some important terms surrounding automation (automatic, systemize, optimize).

automation research.003automation research.004automation research.005automation research.006automation research.007automation research.008

After learning about automation, I looked into Amazon warehouses and technology.

automation research.009

Amazon is widely successful because of their speed, intelligence, and consistency, thanks to the implementation of smart technology and robots in Amazon warehouses. Amazon drones process orders 4x faster than humans, and delivery fleets use a system called “Anticipatory Shipping” to eliminate fulfillment time.

automation research.010

A few concerns regarding AI technology could be jobs (including wages, working conditions), ethics, privacy, and safety.

automation research.011automation research.012

From there, I found the topic of wearable technology in warehouses and did some research on smart glasses and human-assisting robots.

automation research.013automation research.014

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