T3: Speech (5)

Personal crit

Overall, I am proud of how my prints turned out. I haven’t worked with a Risograph before so I am glad I got to experience that output method.

Before knowing what our end assignment would be, I wanted to challenge myself and use a speech not in English. Luckily, the video subtitles made it easy to transcribe, but it was nearly impossible for me to know exactly which words Jack Ma emphasized and negated. Generally, I was able to make sense of the important words but I ran into this challenge several times while designing.

I think my project was so successful because I consciously thought about all of my design decisions, something that I haven’t truly done in the past. All elements of my composition had meaning behind them, from typeface choice, to leading, to color.

Looking back, I wish I would have chosen a speaker with more enthusiasm and energy. I really liked my classmates’ projects that were more expressive and exciting, but I knew that did not fit my subject. Mine was an accurate reflection of the speech I chose and I know that is more important.


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