Type 3: Speech (4)

Peer crit: Devon Wolfe

The first thing I notice when looking at Devon’s print is how he successfully used a two-tone ink on the Risograph. How cool! I don’t think the piece would be as strong without the lighter shapes in the background because of the texture they are creating. Along with that, his composition is very eye-catching and draws in the audience. After learning that the speech is about space and Earth, his composition and sans serif typeface choice supports the content. The poster has several things you see from far away and some you can only see up close. For example, the slight variations in the type, whether it is blurred words or altered baselines, make me want to look closer at the micro level.

Overall there is a good use of negative/positive space and the piece is nicely balanced from bottom to top. I would say that I could use more visual hierarchy with the type, but I also understand the assignment and maybe larger text didn’t fit with the style of Devon’s speech. I think if more lines of text were curved instead of straight, it could make an interesting contrast with the background. Looking at it from far away, some of the type blocks appear like shapes themselves. This might be an interesting idea to play more on the shape idea. Good work, Devon!


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